Review for You’re My Phobia

You’re My Phobia

(#) lostmymindxx45 2008-08-25

I'm sorry..But I fucking thought it was disappointing? or stupid? something like that. I mean hey,its your story and you write it however you want, but I guess I am just a happy ending person? But I guess it made some sense, but I didn't like it. I'm sorry. But that doesnt mean you're not a bad ass writer because it was still awesome in that sad way. I think u r amazing at writing and it was still AWESOME even though it was sad in a way.

Sorry if like I didn't really like THE ENDing, I like everything else, but not the end. Sorry but I'm speaking my mind! lol

Anyway. I still thought it was worth reading and I am glad I waited like 1 month for every chapter!!


I hope you maybe write other storys in the future!!

THanks for a some what awesome story!