Review for You’re My Phobia

You’re My Phobia

(#) EvolHexx 2008-08-25

Thanks guys. :)

lostmymindxx45, I am slightly disappointed that you disliked the ending but I understand. What would be a successful writer without negative responses? Anyways, I’d like to actually thank you. Thank you, for having the fucking guts to say something!

But, as you should have all been aware.. I don’t exactly write happy endings, the line “there is no such thing as happy endings” – (Geared, chapter 1) was a warning to those readers who enjoy sappy “they lived happily ever after.”

However it doesn’t matter, what’s done is done. Without that ending, You’re my Phobia wouldn’t exist (came up with the ending first hehe ^^;)

Anywho, good bye all!