Review for You’re My Phobia

You’re My Phobia

(#) notxokayx15 2008-08-29

aww that made me so sad at the end): it wasnt teh best ending ever but i thought it made alot of sense and yeah, a happy ending doesnt really seem to fit this story...but if you think about it it sorta had a happy ending in a way...all the love they had for each other.

the part that I thought was the best and really made me cry was when Gee was falling and Frankie opened the note, "you're my phobia, and I'm your obssession" idk i just found that part so sad but full of loveee. And the part where I found out Gee never burnt the picture, I cried.

I really hope you write more original stories like this, we've got too much cliche on this website(but I'll admit I write some cliche) we need more really creative and original ideas.

Wow, this is a really long review xD well, please write more stories. I love them

love ya