Review for Motorcycle


(#) loot 2008-08-30

This is an excellent story, really looking forward to see where you take it. can't wait to see what happens when h/hr get back to the gang, and or the reaction of what happens when they meet back up with the some point. with the amount of knowledge that they both have obtained...mastery+ in everything (and they shared their school knowledge with each other, I believe) should be interesting. I did not see charms listed in your list though, I wonder if that was just an oversight or something too look forward too. I mean hogwarts professors have to bee good at something and even with the amount of knowledge that they have, you have to figure that the professors are just as good or know more. would be interesting to see if h/hr get some of their knowledge, would be interesting to see flitwicks (sp) dueling and charm knowledge transfer...and if they share anything with anyone else...the reaction of the other teachers should be priceless.. So many different ways you could take this, can't wait to see what you do. till next time, and don't worry that other people haven't found this little gem yet. they will, its too good to pass up for long.