Review for Gerard Way's Diary

Gerard Way's Diary

(#) Shannen 2008-09-01

Oh. My. Bob. Megan what have you DONE!? LOL

You have got me so addicted and im so in love with you, it is actually painful.

Seriously, EVERYTHING about this chapter was just pure genius. Utter genius and i love it; from the jealousy to chocolate sauce, the confusion and the cheating! =O

Love you. so much

Author's response

Man, you guys make me smile from ear to ear.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, the next chapter is up, hope you enjoy it, but I must warn you, it isn't a fun chapter :(

Had to be done though.

Awww, all that love right back at ya. Thanks for reading.

Did I put my name on my details? LOL! I just noticed you put it in and I thought I may have known you, xx