Review for Gerard Way's Diary

Gerard Way's Diary

(#) ThreeCheersForMCR_x 2008-09-04're not only good at writing humourous chapters but also moving, beautiful chapters. That was just...perfectly written. It couldn't have been written any better. You wrote it so realistically.

I kinda guessed, from Gerard and Elena's last phonecall, that she was going to die. I was thinking 'Oh god, she's gonna keel over! I bet £5 on it'. And yes, I actually said that to myself in my head :P. And then, BAM! she dies. Not that it was obvious, it's just the final farewell speech sounded just like a good-bye-in-disguise should. See, it's perfect!

It was actually quite refreshing for it to be a more serious, sad chapter. It was nice to see a different kind of side to your writing. Though I do love the crazy, hilarious chapters lolz.

Though it wasn't all depressing and sad, was it? There was a little of cute frerard in there. That was uber sweet. Seriously, the whole chapter was just amazing. Update when you can. :)

P.S Have you seen how I'm actually quite serious in this review and not all scary and crazy? It seems the chapter brought out a new side to me. It must be quite a relief for you LOL.

-Emily xox.

Author's response

He he he, you're too kind. That was exactally what I was going for though, I wanted you to suspect it, then be thrown off by it, apparently it worked, hurrah!

Yes, after all the craziness I put into this chapter, I'm kind of glad I had that more serious one now as well, LOL!

Have updated now, the longest chapter ever. I was really surprised, there was just so much that I had to write.

HA HA HA! And yes I did notice. I was reading it thinking, "is this the same person? Where is all the crazy?"

It'll be back, I know it will. And I look forward to it, he he.

As always, my hat off to you. xx