Review for Revelations


(#) pacratjr1982 2008-09-06

I just found your story have to say like the idea to bad stories like this never get finished. The only thing that I disliked about the story is Harry's name change. In many stories it comes to quick to aceppted. Why not make him magicly adopted by James so that it why the map says H.J.Potter when it shows his name that and since he has been H.J.Potter all his life he honers that and change his name to use both of his names. With Harry being the first name it has been his first name and is more than likely to respond to that than Evan. And do not have him give up his magical heritage in fact why not have him explore the powers he might have gained with the loss of the Horcrux. the powers he should have had if not for the Horcrux. like maybe he is a metamorphmagus for example not that he needs to be or any thing else.

Author's response

I clearly state that this story was a one shot and that I did not have plans to continue it.

As for the map you forget that James help create it so he can fool it by placing a charm on Harry.

Harry is also not giving up on his magic, just on being a part of the wizard community.

As for accepting the name change everyone associates Harry Potter with the boy who lived and then all the problems that came with it. By using a different name he is getting away from that. It also has been awhile since he learn about his true name and he doesn't use it in the wizarding world.