Review for The Untitled Story - Year 7 and Beyond

The Untitled Story - Year 7 and Beyond

(#) peachesdpt 2008-09-10

i love this story. It has a lot of potential, but some how i just don't think Harry would be this forth coming with the ancient database. Personally i had a little trouble with him inviting others besides the squibs to join them. Then i thought ok the muggles know more about science than wizards so i'll let that slide, but this is just to unbeliaveable for me. What is going to happen when they find the ancient city in antartica. I would think this would be a good way for them to get a place of their own without having to hide from others and a chance to find out about their own origins without having to share with others. Especially since their are out numbered and the muggles are more likely to kill them and steal their technology. But that could be just me.

Author's response

You're actually the first to notice this.

Actually, I can get away with it because I haven't put out the details of the agreement they have with the Americans.

As for the outpost in Antarctica, I had planned on having them discover it soon, and it won't be the Americans running it...