Review for To Fight the Coming Darkness

To Fight the Coming Darkness

(#) maddsloth 2008-09-10

Cool idea to have dumbls us polyjuice did not see that coming. Poor Nev got played and I guess Lily was kinda right Harry was kind of responsible for that since he did not kill the vamp. I thought the naming the kid joke was cool, I once read a comment about how messed up in the head Harry was to have named one of his kids after 2 of his biggest tormenters. The whole razing Hogsmeade to the ground thing does not seem to go with his do not destroy the building by the recruiting stations, but he is mad. Also he never said how he was liberating people, sending them to the next great adventure? This is like a mike Tyson punch out story lots of main characters getting killed off all the time unlike normal storys where ‘they must be keep around till the end’ kinda cool never to know who is going to bite the big one, seems only 2 people are safe till the end tom and harry.