Review for Harry Potter and the Sun Source

Harry Potter and the Sun Source

(#) DrT 2008-09-11

Hopefully either Snape has been well-warned to behave or else Harry has not been restricted too much in his actions. I doubt this Harry would have much 'nobility' and would only react to direct confrontations, leaving the other students to fend for themselves

Author's response

- Dumbles is well aware that practitioners of Sinanju have an extremely limited sense of humor when it comes to abuse.

- Harry has hung out with his 'big brother' more than I've shown so far. I don't know how much 'nobility' is involved but Harry would certainly come the the aid of a pretty girl (and will, next chapter.) A young man harry might decide needs to stand up for himself. As far as children go (through third year) Sinanju is deeply programed to protect children.