Review for The Devil and the Angel

The Devil and the Angel

(#) LDA 2008-09-12

Not bad, I hope next chapter we get to see where his sister is at and how Lily coped with James and Dumbles.

I have to plead with you a little here too, please please don't hook Harry up with a hogwarts girl that is from canon, have Ginny killed in a fantasticly bloody and painful way for shits n giggles...

Author's response

Hehe. I don't know about killing Ginny off. though, its still to early to see where the muses take me. As for pairings, I'm not sure I'm going to have any, though I'll probably throw in a bit of smut, just because everyone likes smut, lol! Thanks for the review, and don't worry, loads of people will die gory deaths, lol! Just have to see who and how, as I write and future ideas hit me.