Review for Harry Potter and the Sun Source

Harry Potter and the Sun Source

(#) Maxtaf 2008-09-13

Fantastic job, once again. You truly have a talent for spinning really great story.

My only whine is that you have once again STARTED to write a really great story. You have more fantastic stories in progress than almost any other writer has (finished or not). If you were a bad, average, or even merely good storyteller, I wouldn't care. But your stories are engrossing, and I can't just forget them. I keep worrying you'll turn out like Robert Jordan and Robert Adams, and die with multiple stories unfinished.

Please, as much as I love this story, please write more on your open ones before you start another great story that will stall out. Then, when you have finished these, you should write a story of your own, to publish and sell. Your talents are truly wasted as an electron herder.