Review for Lulu Sutra

Lulu Sutra

(#) randomizetheplot 2008-09-22

The only words that seem adequate are 'magically delicious'.

Somehow you managed to capture the personality of both characters perfectly despite the...uh...unusual situation. Rikku's constant use of words and phrases like "squishy, icky, and creamy goodness" was especially hilarious. Bravo. I believe this deserves an encore of some sort. Perhaps Lulu could start some sort of pleasure academy. Yeah. That sounds good. Besaid would be all the rage. :P

Author's response

Heh. Well I do have one other Rikku/Lulu snippet (both giftfics to a Rikku fanatic) called Keraunophobia. Trying to create a plausible story that doesn't come off as pedophilia with those two was definitely... stretching my range.

Mostly I throw Lulu at Auron, boringly predictable as that is. I keep pecking at a Yuna/Lulu story, but they just sit around being kind to each other and NOTHING HAPPENS.

Annnyway, glad someone stumbled onto my stuff, and thank you for the review!