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Appetite For Destruction

(#) punk73lover 2008-10-04

Axl closed the door as the last of the party-goers left their rehearsal cum living space. He turned and looked at Slash who was sprawled on the floor with a cigarette in his mouth. The hot California air had caused both men to remove their tops and in the glow of the candle light (the lights were busted), Axl could see beads of sweat on Slash's chest and stomach.
Axl swallowed and turned away. He didn't want Slash to catch him staring. Hell, he didn't want to be staring at all, but he couldn't help it. He found himself strangely attracted to the curly haired guitarist and it drove him crazy. He wanted to run his hands through Slash's hair, kiss his sensuous lips and lick his beautiful chest. But he couldn't. Apart from the fact that it would kill his reputation, Slash had his women.
Behind his sunglasses, Slash smiled. He'd seen Axl looking at him. Axl watched him a lot. Slash gave a little snore. With his large sunglasses on, Axl wouldn't be able to tell if the guitarist was awake. He snored softly watching as Axl moved closer. Axl bit his lip. Slash looked beautiful, sleeping in the candle light. He figured it was safe now, to move closer. He sat on the floor next to Slash where he could get a better view. Axl watched Slash's chest moving up and down with each breath he took. He wondered what would happen if he were to kiss Slash's chest. Just a quick kiss. Slash probably wouldn't even feel it. He'd been drinking all night. He was out cold. Axl felt a twitch of his cock as he thought about it.
Slash watched warily as the singer moved closer to him. He held his breath, watching as Axl leaned in and kissed his chest. Axl sat back up. One kiss hadn't been enough. He leaned back in and planted another peck on Slash's stomach. This time Slash was ready. Slash grabbed Axl's hair and pulled his head up so they were face to face. He pulled Axl closer and kissed him hard on the lips. His tongue pushed at Axl's lips, encouraging them to open. When they did, Slash stuck his tongue in, exploring every par of Axl's mouth.
When they finally parted, Slash looked at Axl, grinning. Axl looked stunned. HIs face was flushed, his hair was all askew and his lips were red and swollen.
"Woah," he began softly.
Before he could continue, Slash pushed him onto the ground and climbed on top of him, kissing him hard and almost ferociously on the lips He moved his mouth down, nibbling on Axl's neck. Axl clung to Slash, digging his fingers into the guitarist's back as he kissed his curls.
Axl gasped loudly feeling Slash's mouth on his nipples and decided enough was enough. He pushed the guitarist off him and onto the floor. Straddling him, he began kissing Slash's nipples in turn and sucking them gently, teasing them with his tongue.
Slash lay on the floor, his muscles tense with pleasure. He could feel his cock throbbing almost painfully against his leather trousers.
"Jesus," he gasped, as Axl moved further down and set to work kissing and licking his stomach. Axl was so close to his cock, but at the same time, so far away.
"Jesus ain't gonna help you now," Axl grinned as he undid Slash's leather trousers.
"Well, well," Axl said in mock surprise, "What's this?"
He looked down at Slash's throbbing erection and pretended to study it in interest.
"Suck it," Slash begged.
"I don't think I want to, anymore," Axl smiled, enjoying the guitarist's desperation.
Slash grabbed Axl's head and forced it down onto his cock, sucking it and running his tongue along it. Slash kept a light grip on Axl's head, guiding the fiery singer until he found a rhythm that suited him.
Within minutes, Slash came, grasping Axl's red hair tightly with both hands, bucking his hips sharply. When he opened his eyes, Axl was standing up, and undoing his trousers.
"Turn around," Axl ordered, "Onto your stomach.
Slash obliged, wondering what Axl was playing at.
"Dude, are you gonna do what I think you're gonna do?" he asked as Axl knelt down.
"You forced me to suck your cock," Axl said, "And because of that, I'm gonna fuck you. Whether you want me to or not. I'm gonna do it as hard as I can and I don't care if I hurt you,"
As he spoke, Axl applied lube to both himself and Slash. Slash squirmed slightly, feeling the cold lube on his ass.
"Shit," Slash moaned as Axl shoved his cock into Slash's ass. He gripped onto Slash's hips. Ramming his cock in as hard as he could. Slash, who had never experienced a pain like this before, roared in protest. But somewhere behind the pain there was a sort of pleasure. Each thrust that Axl gave into Slash's ass, each time he felt the pain, Slash felt his cock get a little harder.
Axl thrust himself in and out of Slash as hard as he could, enjoying the guitarist's obvious pain. Feeling himself close to orgasm, he dug his nails into slash's hips, shooting cum up his ass.
"Fuck," he moaned loudly.
Slash let out a low growl beneath Axl. He was after coming too and he could feel the hot sticky liquid spread up under his stomach.
Finally Axl pulled himself out and lay down beside Slash. For a while neither of them spoke.
"Dude if you ever tell anyone about this, I'll kill you," Axl said suddenly.
"Dude, if this ever got out, I'd be fucked. I'd never find a chick again.
"So we're agreed then?" Axl asked, "We'll never mention this again?"
"Never," Slash said closing his eyes, "It was a momentary lapse of judgement,"

Author's response

I'm not quite sure why you're posting someone else's story as a review to my story. Bit bizarre...