Review for You see me crying

You see me crying

(#) punk73lover 2008-10-04

"I'm going to fuck you so hard, you're not gonna walk for a week."

"How do you know that?"

"I just know, okay? 'Cause I'm good baby, real good."

A snort of laughter. "Well, I've got news for you, oh little hairy one. I'm taller and faster than you."

"Yeah, well I'm a drummer so I'm stronger than you. I'll just hold your tall, skinny ass down and fuck you senseless."

"Well you'll have to catch me first!"

"You're on!"


The studio was empty bar a wrestling Duff and Steven. Everyone else had left hours earlier, leaving the pair to their own devices. Which, they'd decided, would involve vast quantities of whatever they could lay their hands on. Mostly drink and drugs.

Grinning, Steven launched himself over a low coffee table, letting out a battle cry as he did. Laughing, shaggy hair in his eyes, Duff side-stepped the flying drummer. Tears streamed down his face as Steven bit the carpet, skidding to a halt against a battered couch. But nothing fazed Steven and he got up, laughing, and shook himself off before stalking Duff around the table. Like prize fighters they circled the table, eyes glinting, crooked smiles on their lips.

Duff whistled to him like he was calling a dog, "Here, Stevie, Stevie, Stevie. Catch me if you can!"

With a laugh Duff ran, heading into the galley-like control room and kicking the door shut behind him. Hot on his heels, Steven followed, hammering his fists against the pathetic door.

"Duff! Open up Duff! I'm coming to fuck your brains out!"

The door shuddered as Duff laughed, putting all his strength into leaning against it. He wanted to hold Steven off as long as possible and give him plenty of time to get worked up. The fists pounded the door again, Steven's voice wailing through like a cat on heat. Cracking the door open, Duff looked out, eyes wide and gleaming.


Steven cocked his head, a Cheshire cat-like grin on his face.

"I'm here for you Duff. Here to fuck you." The grin widened.

Duff shrugged, eyes moving to lazily look at the wall. "Uh-uh. Not today, thanks."

With a flick of his wrist, Duff shut the door in Steven's face, laughing as the frantic pounding and screaming started again.

Steven pounded, his head thrown back and howling, wanting to get into the control room and into Duff's pants. Pressing himself against the door, Steven humped the wood, his cock hardening at the thoughts of the fine piece of ass that waited for him behind it.

"Come McKagen," he pleaded. "Fuckin' open up for me."

At those words the door magically disappeared and Steven found himself sprawling through it. Rolling onto his back, he grinned up at the lanky bassist.

"Ah." Duff grinned mischievously. "You made it. Now where do you want me?"

Springing to his feet, Steven grinned up at him.

"Naked and on my cock would be great," he replied, hands quickly unbuttoning his jeans.

Discarding his clothes, Steven leapt and pinned Duff to the mixing desk as his hands attacked the skinny blonde's clothing.

Laughing, Duff pushed him away and placed a hand on his head, holding him at bay as he worked his clothes off. Steven thrashed and spat, laughing and sneering as his eyes ate up the beautiful body that stood before him. With his clothes in a pile at his feet, Duff pushed Steven away and smiled at him.

He cocked his head to one side, bleached hair falling into his big eyes. "Ready when you are Stevie-boy."

Grinning, Steven licked his lips and savoured the moment, anticipating the tasty morsel of flesh that was leaning against the desk. Like the predator he wanted to be, Steven slowly stepped forward, hands reaching out to touch Duff's silky smooth skin. His cock twitched against his stomach as he pressed himself to Duff, reaching out to grab his hair and seal their lips together.

The kiss was rough and sloppy, their hands grabbing at each other. Steven's cock dug into Duff's thigh as he pressed the bassist against the desk, assaulting his mouth. His tongue slide between Duff's lips, probing and tasting cigarettes and a hint of alcohol. Duff returned the favour, thrusting his tongue into Steven's mouth as his hands grabbed fistfuls of fluffy blonde hair.

"Fuck me," he hissed into the kiss. "Fuck me hard Stevie."

Grinning, Steven pulled back, his tongue flicking out as he admired the panting, turned on Duff. He watched as Duff slowly slid a hand down his body and grasped his cock, slowly and teasingly jerking off for him. Moaning, Steven found himself doing the same. They panted in unison, each watching the other, their little shows fuelling the other's lust.

"Come on Stevie," panted Duff. "I know you're man enough."

Rising to the challenge, Steven grabbed Duff and swung him round, throwing him over the mixing desk. Duff let out a cry as his chest hit the hard plastic covers of the faders. Grinning at the sound of Duff's slightly panned moan, Steven knelt and gently parted Duff's buttocks. He paused for a moment, admiring the tiny, puckered hole before him. Leaning in, he kissed it, his tongue gently working in, tasting something that was uniquely Duff. The bassist shuddered and panted above him, moaning Steven's name over and over again as the stiffened tongue probed his most intimate place.

Steven worked up a mouthful of spit before moving his mouth away from the delicious hole. Sticking two fingers in his mouth, he coated them with saliva before gently pushing one into Duff. The shaggy blonde moaned, his muscles tensing before pushing back onto Steven's finger. Smiling, Steven pushed the second finger in, moving them in and out, stretching the tight hole. His eyes slid up Duff's trembling body, watching as he let his head fall to the desk, moaning and squirming as the fingers swept over his prostate. Steven sat back on his heels and admired, the fingers carrying on their lazy thrusting. After a few moments, Steven removed the fingers, only to wet them and return them back to Duff's ass.

Duff trembled against the desk, completely helpless to Steven's relentless stretching. His body was tingling, more from Steven's attention than from the drugs he'd imbibed. Arching his back, Duff pushed back onto the fingers.

"Please Stevie," he pleaded, voice laden with lust. "Just fuck me."

Steven needed no more encouragement and pulled his fingers out, filling his hand with spit. He stroked his cock, smearing saliva and pre-come before standing. Shakily, he pushed a low, wooden box behind Duff and stood on it, bringing his cock in line with the luscious ass before him. Holding Duff's hips, he parted the soft buttocks and pushed forward, the head of his cock breaching the bass player.

Duff shuddered and moaned but held still, letting Steven fill him. It hurt like hell but he knew that in a moment it would be replaced with a warm pleasure. He wiggled his hips, silently begging the drummer to start moving.

Gripping Duff's narrow waist, Steven slowly began to thrust in and out of the delectable tightness. He closed his eyes and balanced on the box, desperately trying to stay upright. It was a battle not to just collapse and pull Duff into his lap. But this is what he wanted: Duff naked, helpless and panting over a mixing his desk, the rocking motion pushing the sliders up and down and completely ruining whatever mix the engineers had set.

Duff's cock throbbed against the hard desk, begging for release. Pushing back onto Steven, he slid a hand down his sweat soaked body and grasped it, stroking it in time to the steady thrusts. He groaned and moved, first onto Steven's cock and then back into his own hand. The pain had subsided, leaving a wonderful pleasure behind it. He could spend eternity in this control booth, being fucked by Steven.

Leaning forward, Steven lay his chest along Duff's back, his thrusts speeding up as he reached around and ran his hands over Duff's smooth chest. Duff squirmed and giggled, bucking a little. Steven paused, brushing his lips over Duff's ear.


Duff wiggled and giggled a little more, before replying, "Stevie, please, just go back to standing up."

Confused, Steven pulled back, hands sliding to Duff's back. "Why?"

Duff giggled and squirmed again. "Because your damn chest hair is making me fuckin' itch."

Grinning, Steven slammed into Duff, his cock hitting the bleached blonde's prostate as he did. Duff wailed, his voice deadened by the soundproofed walls. Digging his nails into the supple flesh of Duff's hips, Steven began to pound away at the beautiful man, his cock hitting Duff's sweet spot time and time again. The trapped blonde howled and squirmed, his hands feverishly stroking his raging erection.

Steven's sweat slicked hands slide over the gorgeous flesh beneath him, his nails raking down Duff's back, leaving red welts in their wake. Duff arched his back, howling louder as he did, rocking back and forth. His balls began to tingle and his muscles began to ache, a sure sign that the end was near.

Steven groaned as Duff's ass tightened around his cock. He was also getting closer and he knew he couldn't hold on for much longer. Slipping his hands to Duff's hips, Steven carried on pounding into the sexy bassist, moaning and crying Duff's name as he did.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," he panted, throwing his head back. "I'm.. I'm... Fuck - DUFF!"

Steven arched his back as he came, coming deep inside Duff. He carried on thrusting until he was empty, sending Duff over the edge as well. Duff let out a loud howl, his cock spraying sticky come over the expensive mixing desk as he writhed beneath the drummer.

They both stood in silence, panting and bodies trembling. Slowly Steven stepped down from the box and sank to the floor, leaning back against the wall. Duff followed a moment later, folding his lanky body onto the small box. They sat and stared at each other, eyes glazed and small smiles twitching their mouths, relaxed and at peace.

Duff moved his head, eyes flicking over the messy mixing desk before turning back to to Steven.

"Who's going to clean the desk?" he quipped.

Steven shrugged and giggled, hair bouncing off his shoulders.

"Dunno. Isn't that the engineer's job?"

Leaning forward, he wrapped his arms around Duff and pulled him to the floor. They sat, wrapped around each other, eyes sparkling and laughter filling the small room as images of angry sound engineers filled their heads.

~~~~ The End~~~~