Review for Thoughts of Pudding

Thoughts of Pudding

(#) dennisud 2008-10-05

Though the pacing is good, it is a times excurtiating! Luna will be the key to this and Harry will slowly realize he loves both girls equally though differently. As for Susan and also Tonks, though they could be added later, their caring for Harry can be familiar but not intimate.

Also saving Madam Bones IMHO was a brilliant idea. Her death in te canon IMHO took away a key playewr who could have made things more exiting later on.

Finally please don't take too long in getting the new 'Trio' together. Also IMHO Tonks and Remus aren't as compatible as say;

Tonks/Charlie&or One of the Weasley twins





P.S.- BTW great omake at the forums!