Review for Remember Your Chains

Remember Your Chains

(#) fyre_byrd 2006-08-16

I really love the way that you write the interactions between these two. My favourite thing about it is that you allow Squall to retain all of his stoic silence, but Rinoa is the one who has changed instaed of Squall. She's come to understand that Squall just doesn't follow social conventions and that his silences don't mean that he isn't listening or doesn't cae. I really enjoy that aspect of their relationship.

I like the way that Rinoa seems to exatcly hit the mark on the reason why Squall dresses the way that he does and that she can tell this quite easily despite the fact that he doesn't say a word.

I really love the idea of Squall wanting to remember what things were like before so that he doesn't take Rinoa for granted. That is sweet and it seems like a sentiment he could really feel. I love the way it was a secret from her too. That too seems very like Squall - to go and do something fairly romntic and thoughtful but then keep it to himself.