Review for DISCOVERY: Revisited. (The Butterfly Effect)

DISCOVERY: Revisited. (The Butterfly Effect)

(#) bobman 2008-10-10

Really great story. I especially liked the part where Vernon is beaten to death in jail, as most people don't realize how much most other criminals hate child abusers.

The only real problem I have is the line about Dudley being one the the two "the brightest stars to have graced Hogwarts in decades". While I agree that environment is much more important than genetics, for the most part, an eleven year old child who cannot add two to thirty-six does not have the potential to become one of the brightest kids in his class if only he were raised differently.

Author's response

Thanks for the review. I see we agree on the prisoner part. I've been a cop, and I've sent enough people to prison. Child abusers are the only things there, that are lower than rapists...and considering the majority of hard core prisoners, that's saying something.

Dudley's situation is slightly different. In canon, he's the result of eleven years of spoilage. He's actually quite intelligent, given that he can convince Petunia and Vernon, both to do exactly as he wishes, when he wishes and convinces them that he can do no wrong through various subterfuges.

The differences here are these: Harry was taken out of the picture early, and Dudlay's parents were imprisoned when he was five...before began school. From that time forward, he was subject to firm discipline as well as caring and comfort. "He was taught that the world did not in fact, revolve around him", and that his misdeeds would not go unpunished.

With his innate intelligence, he could go far, if provided an opportunity to do so. I gave him that chance. In that way he and Draco are in the same boat. In canon, both have been taught to be the way they were. Each had been taught that their actions would have no consequences. That's why, IMHO, they both turned out to be bullies.

Besides, with Hermione Granger as a study partner could they be any different? (Canon doesn't count, as Harry and Ron were not, in fact her study partners. They simply copied off her work and had her check their efforts.)

Thanks again......Alorkin