Review for Bushels of Bad Habits

Bushels of Bad Habits

(#) prettyodd 2008-10-11

poor skeleton!!! lol this chappie was totally and utterly amazazing!!!! lol im falling in love with this story just about as much as steph is falling in luv with ryan evry time i read the nest chappie of this story...well otay i was already in luv with this story but still its ossim!!!!!!!! brenden, what can i say about him in this chapter...well idk but watevr i was gunna say it was prolly sumthing along the lines of how deep he can b and how funny it is lol update soon i cant wait 4 mour!!! :))

luvs cassidy!! :)

i found out tht p.s. means postscript!!! lol :) one myster down about 30 mour to go... (goes and hunts down the rest)