Review for First


(#) punk73lover 2008-10-11

Shit Bill, what're you doing out there?" Izzy helped his friend through the window, off the tree branch he had been perched on, into his room and out of the pouring rain.

"What do you think?" Bill replied bitterly, and even in the darkness of the room he could see a bruise blooming across Bill's pale cheek.

"'M sorry." He flipped the lights on and went of to his dresser, opening up one of the drawers and beginning to search through it, looking for a pair of pajamas Bill could wear. "I was just surprised. There's a storm going on, and I'm lying in bed trying to go to sleep, when I open my eyes and see you in that tree. I was just surprised to see you out there, and I didn't want you to get a pneumonia or something because I was asleep and you had sat in that tree in the rain."

"Sorry." Bill muttered, hugging himself, partly for warmth, and partly from being upset and embarrassed. "If you don't want me here, just say so."

"Oh, no, Bill, no." He stopped his search and went back over to his friend, hugging him and holding him close. "No, you're always welcome here, always. I care about you Bill, I'm here for you." He spoke quietly, rocking his friend back and forth gently. Bill relaxed in Izzy's embrace, hugging him back and resting his head against Izzy's shoulder, perfectly content and warm in Izzy's caring arms. Izzy pressed a kiss to Bill's cheek before stepping back and going back to the dresser and fishing out a pair of pajamas. "Put these on. I'll be back in just a minute." He gave Bill the pajamas, which he had made sure were his warmest pair.

Izzy slipped out of the room and down the hall, careful not to wake his mother or younger brothers. The walls were pretty sound proof, but you could here most loud noises clearly. He grabbed a towel from the bathroom and quickly snuck back to his room. He entered, and saw Bill putting the shirt on. He could see bruises on Bill's chest and a rather nasty one on his stomach. He walked over and pushed Bill's hands away and pulled the shirt open, running his fingers over the bruises. Bill whimpered almost silently.

Izzy wrapped his arms around Bill and hugged him, rubbing his back before giving him the towel and leaving again, going downstairs and as quietly as possible popping ice out of the trays and going back to Bill who was now pulling up the pants over his naked lower body. Izzy averted his eyes to be polite while Bill tucked himself inside and adjusted himself, but really, he wanted to see his best friend's cock. Not that he hadn't seen it before, but he wanted to be able to really look at it, maybe even touch it.

He walked over to the bed and sat down, Bill joining him. They rarely spoke at times like this, Izzy just gave Bill the care he needed, and Bill accepted it, giving virtually nothing in return, but Izzy didn't mind. He soothingly rubbed the ice over Bill's bruises, making sure they were numb, but not uncomfortably so. When he was done he hugged Bill and let him put his shirt back on before tossing the plastic bag he had put the ice in into the trash, while Bill laid down, crawling under the covers and moving over enough so Izzy could lay down as well.

Izzy flipped the lights off and climbed into bed, feeling Bill curl up to him. He wrapped his arms around the redhead and held him, rubbing his hand up and down his back. Flashes of lightning lit the room every few minutes, but Izzy didn't need them to be able to tell that Bill wasn't asleep. He wouldn't be so quiet if he were asleep. "You okay?"

"Yeah." Bill's reply was quiet and he snuggled closer. "'M fine."

"You sure?"

"Mmhmm. I'm fine, really, Izz."

"How're the bruises?"

"All fine, except my cheek, you didn't put ice on that one."

"Shit, sorry." He shifted a little and brought his hand up to cup Bill's cheek, stroking his thumb over the bruise very lightly. "Does this help or make it hurt more?"

"A little of both." Bill answered after a few seconds, "But don't stop, it's nice." He sounded very content. Izzy continued, silently caring for his friend as always, his payment in the form of the wonderfulness of feeling Bill curl up to him, having someone to hold and love. Bill started talking again a few minutes later, "Why'd you kiss me earlier?"

"What?" Izzy couldn't remember kissing him.

"When you were hugging me, you kissed my cheek, why?" Bill explained, looking up into Izzy's eyes, not accusing, but certainly curious.

Shit. "I didn't even realize it, I'm sorry."

"It's fine, it was actually kind of nice, but um, Izz..." Izzy wasn't sure he wanted to know what Bill was going to say next. "Do you like guys, you know, like, well, like that?" He asked very hesitantly.

How to explain this one? Izzy decided it was probably best to just tell Bill the truth. "I swing both ways. Both girls and boys turn me on. Sometimes I'd rather be with a girl because it's a bit more expected and keeps suspicion from arising that I like guys too, but overall, I like guys a little better. Mostly just because guys know what a cock likes. I mean, don't get me wrong, girls can be fucking awesome, but I just prefer guys a little more. And all of it's more or less to get off."

"But I though you were supposed to have sex with people you loved?" Bill didn't really get sex. He only knew what he knew because Izzy had explained it to him. His parents hadn't let him take sex-ed in school, and left him curious, and naive.

"You do, but sometimes you probably should just jerk-off, but you do it with someone else because there's more physical pleasure, you know?"

"Not really." Bill was blushing. "The closest I think I've come to doing something like that is when you taught me how to jack off." That had been a wonderful experience; it had been a few months ago, Bill had been sleeping over on a night rather like this and had a wet dream. He had woken up and completely freaked out. He had only had one before, and his father had beaten him horribly, calling him a sinner the whole time, and telling him it was wrong. But Bill hadn't understood what happened, and had no idea what he'd done wrong other than waking up with sticky pants. Izzy had calmed him down and explained everything to him, all about puberty, intercourse and the basics of several related things, including how to jerk off. He had shown Bill his cock and jacked off in front of him, showing Bill the most pleasurable things to do to a cock on the way. He then talked Bill through his first time. Bill hadn't wanted Izzy to watch him or see his cock, so he had hidden under the covers while Izzy talked him through it, eventually coming into Izzy's bedsheets.

"That's alright. Everybody's a little different when it comes to when you start having sex and so forth." Izzy said, not sure whether to offer to Bill to let him experiment with him. Better try and fail, than not try at all, Izzy decided after a few seconds, but he'd have to phrase it carefully. "If you ever wanna try just messing around with me, you can. I mean, better to learn with me than perform poorly your first real time."

"Maybe..." He sounded like he was seriously considering it. "Okay. Can we do it now?" He asked. Izzy was surprised, he didn't think it would be that easy.

"Okay, when was the last time you jacked off?"

"Um...last week." Izzy's mouth nearly fell open, he had to do it nearly every day, but he knew Bill had to be very careful about how and when he did it.

"Alright, pajamas off." Bill wiggled out of his pajamas while Izzy removed his own. Bill's cock was already half-hard, Izzy's eyes had adjusted to the darkness enough to be able to see Bill's semi-hard cock poking up as the redhead lay on the bed, his legs shyly spread just enough for Izzy to have good access to his cock and balls. Izzy smiled at him and bent over to kiss his lips, softly and lovingly, but also to turn him on further. He brushed his hands over Bill's chest, brushing over his hardening nipples. Bill gave a little gasp into his mouth and Izzy smiled against Bill's lips. He pulled back after a couple seconds. "How far do you want to go?" Bill looked unsure, so Izzy gave him another gentle kiss before pulling back again a few seconds later. "You just want to try having me touch you and see how that goes?" Bill nodded slowly, a little shyly.

Izzy smiled at him as he ran his hands down Bill's body, dipping his hands between Bill's thighs, stroking the soft skin of his inner thighs making Bill tremble and give a little moan. "Oh, before I forget, you don't have to be totally silent, but definitely keep it down, I don't want my mom walking in." Bill's eyes widened and he nodded, looking scared. "She probably won't come in, but if you make too much noise I'll have to answer some weird questions tomorrow morning." He reassured. Bill nodded and Izzy went back to work. He brought his hands to Bill's genitals and took his cock in his hand, stroking softly and slowly along the smooth, hardening shaft while his other hand went to Bill's balls and rolled them between his fingers sending bolts of pleasure through Bill, making him give little groans and his cock harden in Izzy's hand.

Izzy's strokes sped up, his grip a bit more firm and Bill began to buck into his hand, whimpering with desire. "Izzy..." he moaned. Izzy kissed him and pumped the hard shaft, occasionally sweeping his thumb over the head, smearing pre-cum and making Bill give little moans and cries. Izzy moved his mouth to Bill's neck and he began to kiss and nibble it softly.

"You like this?" He asked, making sure to sweep his thumb over the head as he finished speaking. Bill groaned loudly. Probably not loud enough to wake Izzy's mother, but if he got much louder he would. "Quiet...if you're gonna make a lot of noise when you come I suggest you bite your lip or my blanket." Bill nodded and bucked into Izzy's hand, eager to come. Izzy's hand on his balls squeezed gently at the exact same time as another thumb-sweep over the head of his cock, pushing the redhead over the edge, come flowing from his cock as he gave a strangled moan. Izzy rubbed the softening cock gently for a few seconds before letting go and grabbing the towel from earlier to wipe his hand and Bill's cock and thighs clean.

"Did you like that?" Bill gave a happy nod and reached his arms up. Izzy hugged him and kissed his cheek. "I knew you would. If it's not too much to ask, could you return the favor? If you feel up to it that is, you don't have to." He desperately wanted to feel Bill's hands on his cock, but he wasn't going to push him.

Bill's eyes widened slightly. "Um, okay, it's just that, I've never touched another guy before.

"I know, we've been through this. It's fine. My cock is just like yours, if you rub it, I come. Just give it a try." Bill seemed a hesitant. "Here," he took Bill's hand in his and laid it on his crotch, rubbing his erection against Bill's hand. "Just touch it, feel it." Bill's hand closed around his cock and he hesitantly began to pump, slowly and softly. But to Izzy, it still felt incredible. Bill was touching him. And his hands were so soft. Izzy's were rough and calloused from playing the guitar, but Bill's were silky soft and felt nothing short of amazing on his aching erection.

"Um, am I doing okay?" Bill asked after a few minutes. Izzy nodded.

"You're doing wonderfully." He said, relaxed. He didn't feel like whimpering, groaning, and squirming, he just laid back and enjoyed the feel of Bill's hand on his cock, pumping softly. But Bill was slowly becoming more confident, moving his hand up and down Izzy's cock faster and harder. A hand crept between his legs and very timidly began to touch and feel his balls, ever so gently. It was an incredible sensation and Izzy was in heaven. "So good..." he sighed, encouraging Bill. His eyes were closed and his balls were beginning to tingle and feel tight; he was so close to coming, he just needed one little more push.

And that's when he felt the soft, hesitant lick on the head of his cock. Izzy was done. He came with a groan, his come shooting out and all over Bill's face. Bill's hands left him almost immediately. Izzy quickly calmed his breathing and opened his eyes. Bill was kneeling between his legs, his head bowed. "Shit, I'm sorry!" He quickly grabbed the towel and took Bill's chin in his hand. Tilting his face up, Izzy saw tears rolling down his from behind his closed eyelids. Izzy gently but quickly cleaned Bill's face.

The second he was done, Bill wrapped his arms around him and gave a soft sob. "I'm sorry. I didn't know you were going to do that, I'm so sorry." He whispered, pulling Bill into his lap and holding him close, kissing his hair. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay, how was I supposed to know you would come so fast? It's not your fault." Bill gave a sniff and kissed Izzy's neck. "Honestly, I don't even understand what I'm crying about."

"That's okay. Sometimes you just need to cry, it's alright." Izzy soothed. Bill's tears soon stopped and he gave a yawn. "Bedtime?" Bill nodded and Izzy grabbed their pajamas off the floor. They both dressed and laid back down. The storm had almost passed, there was nothing now but a rumble of thunder in the distance periodically, and a light rain. Bill was curled against Izzy's side once again and they soon drifted off into a peaceful, contented sleep