Review for Light's Hope, Death's Hunters

Light's Hope, Death's Hunters

(#) morriganscrow 2008-10-12

I am enjoying the story, but do have a question.
Are you deliberately making Harry so much less than Hermione? He is, to me, coming across as a tad Ronnish, and we all know why Ron was never going to be a suitable match for "the smartest witch of her generation."
Otherwise, the story remains interesting, and I look forward to more.

Author's response

I assume that you're talking about how Hermione seems to be doing all the thinking of the two. If so, then yes.

The fact of the matter is, Harry simply isn't as smart as Hermione. Yes, Harry has learned a lot since they left in 1996, but we all know that for every step forward Harry gets in his knowledge, Hermione is already three or four steps ahead, and short of Hermione falling into a coma for a few years while Harry keeps grinding away, it will most likely remain that way.

And also, no matter how motivated he may be to study, Harry is not a researcher, he is a fighter.