Review for Break Down

Break Down

(#) mujer-preservativa 2008-10-18

The review I sent like 2 months ago didn't show. :C

Ah well, trying again...

Honestly, you have no idea how happy it's made me to see that Yondy gets some love on this site. -is a regular, haha- I like the drabble concept you have for this story, it makes it that more interesting to read. Though he's not described in great detail in the series (much to my dismay), I think the personality you gave him fits him seamlessly. Seriously. The plot itself is very well thought out in my opinion and it makes for a very interesting read.

It really, really, really sucks that Ficwad is apparently giving you trouble with this story... I really want to see how it ends. Keep up the fabulous work! C: