Review for Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray

(#) GinnyMyLove 2008-10-23

So so intrigued, I cant wait for more, but I hate short chapters. Granted I am probably just greedy and your chapter length is fine.

I dont know about the Foci idea, I can live with it, but I thought not needing a focus was part of the point of being a mage.

I also am a fan of Powerful!Harry, I am secretly hoping that he is a Fire Elementalist and just needs a little instruction to unlock is super fire wielding powers.

Oh well, Air is undoubtedly the most useful anyway. Remove the oxygen from someones vicinity and watch them "drown". Solidify air into weapons.. endless possibility.

Please keep the updates coming. I have just reached a very very sad conclusion. I have nearly 15 storylines that are currently stalled! Its killing me waiting for updates, and I feel like I already read all the good complete stories.

Soon, please???