Review for When Skies Are Gray

When Skies Are Gray

(#) lilrainforest 2008-10-24

Dude, if Gerard falls in love with Frank, I swear I will murder someone myself if I have to. There is no way I'm reading abother Gerbert fiction. D: I hate it. Sorry.

FRANKIE! Omigod! O: What's happening? Please tell me Gerard will save him with his voice again, pleeease? I don't want to lose him. Noooo. Not fair. Rawrz.

Your updates pain me, but I need more.

xo, Ray

Author's response

lol i HATE bert xD

scares the shit outta me

just had to find a way to keep the story going.

plus, I decided since there really is no valid reason why the bands hate each other, i made my own which goes as follows:

Bert wanted Gerard but Gerard was in love with Frank, not Bert which pissed Bert off thus he went all psycho on MCR and now they dont get along xD

Well I'll try to get the next one up tomorrow; i have to write it first xP

xoxo Tabi