Review for Thoughts of Pudding

Thoughts of Pudding

(#) ubersnakelord 2008-10-26

Good story, good plot even only problem i see is that i am starting to get really bored with the Luna and Hermione situation, is it goind to be the major focus of the story? I mean all of it, you spent half of each chapter with the triangle

Author's response

Hi ubersnakelord,

When I started writing this, I didn't know exactly where the story was going to go, and what it was going to be like. Originaly it was just a little drabble; 'What if Luna said somethign different at the end of Harry's fifth year?'

What I found was that I enjoyed exploring the interactions and motivations of the characters - trying to flesh them out from the cardboard cutouts I read in some other fics - while still trying to keep them as 'canon' as I can.

I guess this is a long way of saying, the relationship between the three is probably going to remain a fair focus of the story until things settle down. In story time, we're still only on about the 5th day, since I had the leaving feast occurring on Saturday night as I have no idea when canon set it.