Review for The My Chemical Romance Story

The My Chemical Romance Story

(#) easykeys 2008-11-08

Another great and realistic chapter.

I lmost forgot about Bob until the end :O

The line "Everyone knows Mikey" makes me laugh, he sounds like a manwhore there XD

Cant wait for more

dondon xo.

Author's response

Hi there dondon,

LOL!!! How could you forget about Bob??

The thing is Mikey was a constant at Alex's house and always had a different girl and some he never even knew their name. Sort of manwhorish. LOL!!

I have three more pre-written so maybe I'll post the other one soon. I really put this on the back burner because of my other two stories.

Check this out it's an article from Kerrang! Jan 2007.

Thanks for the review!!