Review for It's Not So Easy, Is It?

It's Not So Easy, Is It?

(#) CrimsonFlowers 2008-11-08

I loveddddd it soooo much :]
I'll love you ferever and ever if you write another chapter.
It was extremely creative which is one of the reasons I loved it!
And Bob's in it! Bob's awesome!
It's really original which makes it awesomer!
It's still one of my favorite storys!
Update, please?!!?!!?!!!?!?

ClareBear :]

Author's response

Ha ha glad you love it so much!
And me, for that matter


You should know I wuv you too, for being the only one to comment on it! And letting me put you in my story.

Alright, since you begged me for it, I'll go make chapter 7.