Review for Getting My Baby Back

Getting My Baby Back

(#) easykeys 2008-11-16

Awww, I totally understand why Alyssa is doing what she is doing, and it is good that she is staying sobre and finding a job, she is proving to be a good mother.

I feel sorry for Bob though being used again.

And I'm glad Gerard wants to help :)

And Ray is just awww, a lovely best friend

cant wait for more

dondon xo.

Author's response

Hi there dondon,

She had so many mitigating reasons why she's doing what she's doing. She really wants to be a mother now and try to give Enily a happy home.

I know poor Bob we'll see what happens next chapter.

We'll also see what changed Gerard's mind.

Yeah Ray's the best he'll even tell her when she's wrong.