Review for The Accidental Harem

The Accidental Harem

(#) Vilkath 2008-11-17

Some parts of this are good like Dumbles actualy getting thrown out of office if a kid died because his stupid stunt with the Stone. That being said I really didn't care for teh stone bit.

This was Quirrel, a man who lost to Harry who didn't even pull out a wand in canon. Yet he's fighting good as voldemort in his own body. Some how not only got away but killed several people when probably the best organized and equiped force ever came to stop him. I mean had several seasons aurors, huge harme of kids, teachers etc more then almost any other story I can think of and he not only got away scott free but he killed key people.

I don't like that it's like replacing Quirrel with Voldemort and even that is questionable since he kept losing to children like harry before.