Review for DISCOVERY: Revisited. (The Butterfly Effect)

DISCOVERY: Revisited. (The Butterfly Effect)

(#) tarazboyz 2008-11-20

Wow, somehow most of my review got cut out!!! I had written a lot more. So I will try again. First, this is the ONLY story I have read where Harry Potter gets killed off and it is still a good story. You addressed every character in the first six books, well, except for some of the deatheaters individually, but who cares? They all died or went to Azkaban! Of course the love story part is good. It almost gives me hope that I have a shot in life. My husband of five years came home from deployment three months ago and out of nowhere announced he didnt love me anymore and that he was leaving us. We have two sons. THe baby was just 8 months old. I spent a month begging him not to leave without trying, or at least an explanation, and he just moved back to the ship and ignored me for the most part. Then one of his friends called me and informed me he has had a girlfriend on the boat for the last two years, and was staying at her place. I snapped, and when he came over and I confronted him and said I was going to go to his command, (as it was the bitches command also) he beat the shit out of me, strangled me unconscious, and left me there with two children to find me on the floor. Oh yea, he went to jail. But my point is that Ron didnt get half what he deserved........ even though he didnt hit hermonie. Its the worst kind of betrayal. Anyway, I love your writing, and I look eagerly forward to more in the future... You dont happen to be single, do you? LOL.!! I just think you seem like a really great guy, and I like the passion you have in your writing, it tends to reflect you as a man, i think. Annyway, keep it up!!! Tara Cassidy

Author's response


I think you got two of my stories mixed up. The first part involves 'Discovery; and the second seems to be about 'Harry Loves you'.

For the first: I thank you. I despise child abuse in any fashion. I grew up abused, and as a police officer I frequently saw the telling effects of such abuse. There are a few of my reviewers who felt I should have gone on, and some who felt I took too long. Eeh.

As to the second, Yes. Ron is a cheating bastard, but he isn't 'evil' so to speak. He's more like a professional football player who sees that he can have exactly what he wants, when he wants it, and so takes advantage. (Read both of my 'Snorkacks' stories and you'll get an idea of why he acts like he does. Be advised, however, you might laugh.)

Third, Fry that bastard! Take him to court, and take every penny he makes. Guys like that make me ashamed to be a man! You can also charge the both of them with adultery under the UCMJ, in addition to the battery. While his CO and the chain of command, will help you, especially due to what I see based upon your description, as attempted murder, you need to get going right now! Your children are the most important parts of your life. He is as responsible for their creation as you are, and should have the responsibility for caring for them as well. Get it out in the open!

While I am single, I'm old. Live for yourself and for your children for a time, and then think about finding a mate...if you really want one. I've raised my daughter alone, since her mother's death in '96 and I think I've done a wonderful job. Her teachers, other parents and neighbors agree. It can be done. It's just a little harder.

While in the navy, I served almost four years in the Marine corps, and after Beruit, where I took five rounds in my body armor(Seven broken ribs), and a shattered kneecap from some guy who really didn't like the US, I returned to the navy. I retired from the reserve, after 23 years.

I also served as a police officer, in three separate parts of the country. One of those places was near San Diego where my wife drove her car into a bridge abutment at over eighty miles an hour. I was the responding officer and I had to pull her body from a burning wreck. That night I had to tell my baby girl that mommy was never coming home. I turned in my badge the next day. I'm a carpenter now, I work a regular shift and so, I make enough to support us, and I return home every night.

Remember: Live for you, live for your children.