Review for Mama, I'm Scared

Mama, I'm Scared

(#) GeeWayRocksMCR 2008-12-05

That was beautiful. well, if we're sharing- I remember when my aunt died (Dad's Sister.) I came home from school and i remember how everything that morning had gone great for me- A on my history test, no mean teachers biting my head off, earned a cardio pass in PE... I just opened the front door and my dad was kind of sniffle-sobbing with his head in his hands and the phone on the floor where he'd dropped it. So i picked it up and i remember my uncle was still on it and i was only about 7 so i was just like "Why is daddy crying? Did he get in trouble?" and my uncle was like "no, sweety.... your aunt died."

I spent the rest of the evening consoling my dad.

Only time i ever saw my dad cry was when his mum died and when his aunt died. Heartbreaking.

ANYWAYS. Great, well written, touching. High marks!