Review for My Buny Hutch

My Buny Hutch

(#) Vanir 2008-12-05

A brilliant twist. I'm a bit curious what she would have done if Harry had actually wanted her to change, but i guess she knew him well enough to know he wouldn't. I bow to a Master Smuttist. You managed to make it personal in a way i can't. It might very well be the best shag i've ever read including my own. As i'm an arrogant bastard, that's a compliment.



Author's response

Thank you, Vanir. I'm surprised nobody got that part. In the first part of the story, It was Tonks. When she dashed off to the loo to 'take a potion', it was to switch places with Hermione. Never let it be said that Ol' Tonksie would stand in the way of true lust.

'Master smuttist'. I like that. I find it easy to write both smut and angst. I only wish I could do humor. Sigh!

Where are your fics? I'll have a look.

I thank you for your words and your genuflection.