Review for My Buny Hutch

My Buny Hutch

(#) Cateagle 2008-12-06

chuckle That's a very nice twist at the end. It looks like someone wised up and decided to take matters into her own hands (or did Tonks tell her about Harry's feelings and help her set this up?). In any case, I rather suspect that Ron's going to be right well disappointed at how quickly Hermione got over him and got together, most happily and joyously, with Harry; Ginny's likely not to be very happy about it either.

Author's response

Heya, Cat! I thought you might like it. snicker Tonks helped her to set it up. In fact, until she dashed off to the loo 'to take a potion', it was Tonks.

Ron blew it and lost. Bad sex, immaturity and 'traditional roles' would certainly hack off an independent woman like Hermione. At this point, Ginny-Sue is with Dean...or Michael...or somebody.

Thanks for the kind words.