Review for Moody, dark, and oh yeah, a giant prick.

Moody, dark, and oh yeah, a giant prick.

(#) izziebella 2008-12-07

Yeah, I'm wondering about beth too.

Oh my god the second flashback with the girl trying to fucking rape him was creepy...

But you wrote it really well, I felt like it was really gerard there and that this is something that actually happened to I actually wanted to get that girl to fuck off and leave gee the hell alone. I

Yeah, I think that gee and anyone in the public eye would have a problem with that and people should understand where the celebs are coming from and should be more empathetic as well.

This is one o my fave 'moments' so far...It actually made me think about it.

Update soon

Author's response

Thanks, Izzibee, for reading and the review!

Like I told dondon, I think Beth never knew ... I actually think she thought the guy was a bit of a jerk. ha!

And the chick in the hall ... yeah, I really wanted that to be creepy. I don't mean this to sound "sexist" or anything, but I kinda feel that women could almost relate to that whole scene MORE than the "average guy" could. It just seems there's a lot more lecherous guys out there than there are girls. But still, it happens. Some people just don't think of what their actions might do to another person. That's really what that's about.