Review for Elementary Calculations

Elementary Calculations

(#) Pug 2008-12-10

I am reading this fic again because of a situation I recently found myself in. This fic is very therapeutic and has bought me out of my funk. Again this fic is given 100% for excellence, originality, quality, and awesomeness. I wonder if Harry will made a certain connection concerning Snape and Sirius, one The Dumb-meddler protected and the other loyal Order member was sent to prison.

I can imagine that on Christmas Eve when Harry meets Sirius and goes to Grimmauld Place, that having complete access to that Black fable library at Grimmauld Place that has not been sanitized would be a serious motivator to move in with Sirius; then there are all the Dark Artifacts that can be studied at leisure? So much information for Harry to learn especially if Harry moves in with Sirius and finds a way to cause a permanent rift between Dumbles and Sirius.

In a rare show of indignation Harry demonstrate to Lord Voldie why first generation witches and wizards is very much needed in the magical world. Why first generation witches and wizards should be taken from abusive households and place in wizarding households as soon as they have been discovered to wizarding households that have gone through a vetting process.