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Dumbledore's Army

(#) red_jacobson 2008-12-15

Hey DrT; you mentioned at the beginning that this story was the one that most people seem to like the best, and I can certainly agree that it is one of your most powerful stories. I think the reason why I chose to re-read this one every few months comes down to a couple of chapters. The first is "The First March" and the next was "Righteous Fury" You did such an amazing job in capturing the emotions of the March and the students and staffs reactions that those scenes stay in memory long after other stories fade away.

I also like that you did not spend a great deal of time going over magical history and the tax situation the way you did in several of your other stories. Sorry, but that just gets boring to read after a while.

By the way, I'm hoping you are able to get back to "When Vernon Didn't Miss" sometime soon, because it hasn't been updated in several months, and I'm interested to see what happens next.


Author's response

Hopefully the epilogue will be out by x-mas