Review for Getting My Baby Back

Getting My Baby Back

(#) Sassy 2008-12-16

Oh, I don't know where to begin!! Poor, poor Bob!! He must be heartbroken!!
And Gerard - stay at home you idiot! You'll ruin everything!!
Oh, but Bob is so sweet and dear Ray, always there. This was really moving and I've rated it so. But if I could, I'd also rate it Original, Ambiance and Exciting because it was all of those things and more!

So great to see an update!

Sas x

Author's response

Hi there Sas,

Yes Bob is definitely being strong as he watches Alyssa and Gerard be the happy couple.

He's just trying to be there for her and maybe show Bob that Alyssa is his despite everything that's supposed to be going on.

Yes Bob is a sweetie and so is Ray he really is trying to be neutral through out this.

Thanks for the rating I really really appreciate it. I love hearing from you, you really made my day with your kind words.