Review for It Kills Me Seeing Your Face [Discontinued]

It Kills Me Seeing Your Face [Discontinued]

(#) canustakemyheart 2008-12-18

No use continuing to work on something that you yourself are not inspired by anymore. Yeah, I'm bummed ... but I saw the writing on the wall. You were doing good, but your heart wasn't in it.

But hey, not many people have the guts to kill the main guy! You should give yourself a pat on the back for that!

You ever wanna bounce some new story ideas off me, lemme know =D

Author's response

Your right, if Im not inspired it just isnt the same.

Lol thanks, I never really thought of it like that but I guess people would be shocked by me killing Gerard.

Thank you so much, you have been one of the few reviewers that have been the best! As corny as it sounds you guys have "kept me going" with all your awesome reviews.

Im really sorry your bummed but Im glad you understand.

Till next time!

dondon xo.