Review for Failing Twilight

Failing Twilight

(#) vianca 2008-12-20

You know, if Naruto is handy, then he will try to put Sasuke and Sakura or Sasuke and Hinata.
Now that would be a match in hell, a Hyuuga and a Uchiha.
Can you imagine(?) the power of their combined Bloodline-Limit?
Now that would bring fear to people, a wielder of not only the Byakugan, but also of the Sharingan.

Naruto could convince Sasuke to go out with a girl and if it works to take it furture, since that would upset HIS brothers plans and give him a back-up plan for if he fails in his fight against his brother.

Also, if Sasuke wants to take revenge on his brother, shouldn't he try to create technique's(?) that can't be copied by the Sharingan?
A user of the Sharingan should be able to find out what kind of moves can't be copied by the Sharingan and then use them to create technique's from them.
Those technique's would then form the basis for a whole new style.

Would be nice if Naruto would ask Sasuke how he thought to stop his brother from coping his new technique's if he himself was forced by his brother to retreat.
It would facing him then be that much more difficult, right?

A few riddles that you might want to break Naruto's head on, who were his parents and had the First Hokage a child and if so, could the fourth be a grand something from the First?

ps: Why didn't Naruto ask Ibiki about everything used to create that DNA-tag/implant?
He could have used it as check book for his DNA-tag/tatoo and use the theory to adapt his personal stuff further than he could do with drawnings of Chakra Seals.