Review for Dudley's Wedding

Dudley's Wedding

(#) Vanir 2008-12-20

Even considering the absurdly high standard i hold you to, this might be one of the more brilliant pieces you've made. The characters have an in-your-face reality i haven't seen before. Of course, Petunia still had the cartoonish wicked witch thing going, but it was believable. Her confusion about the presents was brilliant and petty to perfection. Daisy was just good enough to be true, and that the two summoned witches were ones who didn't worship the ground Harry walked on was great, and quite possibly planned by a very bright Luna, to set Dudders at ease. I have a minor problem with the idea of Ripper III. People who are so obsessed with special dogs usually doesn't recycle the names. Then again, she's bonkers. Well thought out, well written, and kowtow