Review for Rain


(#) punk73lover 2008-12-20

Nothing but a smile. That was all that was written on the note contained within the box. Nothing but a smile.

Izzy looked at the note, turning the thick, creamy white paper, over and over, searching for a clue as to where it had come from. A white box lay on the bed, tissue paper folded over whatever was inside. Dropping the note beside it, Izzy slowly peeled back the fragile looking paper. A look of mirth crossed Izzy's face as he peered into the shallow box. Folded in the box was something made of slightly shiny material decorated with odd flowers and comma-shaped motifs. Brow furrowing, the guitarist pulled it out and held it up in front of him. With raised eyebrows, he looked at the garment he held his in hands.

A red silk dressing gown, decorated with a garish paisley design, hung limply from his fingers. Izzy eyed it with suspicion, wondering who would have sent him such a garment. His girlfriend most certainly wouldn't have; she was intent on getting him to discard of the various patterned shirts that hung in his wardrobe. A crazed fan, perhaps? Biting his lip, Izzy continued to stare at it, trying to put together the ugly puzzle in his hands.

The high pitched trilling of his phone caused him to drop the garment to the bed. Picking up the frantically screaming cellphone, Izzy stared at the flashing screen.

With-held number calling...

"Hello?" Pressing the phone to his ear, he listened, waiting.

For a moment there was nothing, just static hiss and, somewhere in the background, the sound of heavy breathing. Feeling his heart twist in his chest, Izzy sat on the edge of the bed, the phone clutched to his head.

Finally, a crackly and distorted voice, spoke, "You get the package, Stradlin?"

"Yeah," he quietly replied, shivering a little. "Who is this?"

"That doesn't matter. At least not for now. I want you to put it on."

Izzy's dark eyes moved to the dressing gown, now crumpled on the bed. "Why the fuck you want me to do that?"

"'Cause I want you to." The voice chuckled, harsh and crackling through whatever was changing it. "Nothin' but a smile, Izzy."

A smirk began to twist Izzy's lips; two could most certainly play this game.

"Okay, asshole," he purred. "Whatca want me to do after I put it on?"

"I want you to wait..." the masculine sounding voice trailed off, now hinted with the heaviness of lust.

Fingering the silky material, Izzy pulled the gown into his lap and looked down at it, the phone caught in the crook of his neck.

"Wait for what?" Izzy heard his own voice drop, becoming darker and more sultry.

"For me." A click and the phone went dead.

Letting it drop into his hand, Izzy stared at it for a moment before letting it fall to the bed. His eyes followed its descent, watching as the thin slab of plastic and electronics quietly impacted into the sheets. Who had been on the phone? Who was taunting and teasing him?

Nibbling on his lower lip, he walked to the window and stared out. Sheets of summer rain fell, quietening the past few weeks of heat. Thoughts raced through his head as he reached out and drummed his fingers against the glass. Someone wanted a piece of him. But who? Turning back to the bed, he let a smirk twist his lips, eyes narrowing. Unbuttoning his shirt, he let it fall to the floor behind him.


Lying back into the pillows, Izzy let his eyes drift to the white wall opposite him, not really thinking about anything but the moment he was now in. The silk felt sensuous against his naked skin. Cocking his head, he listened, checking for other people, wondering if the girlfriend had quietly let herself in. Being caught wearing a silk gown and masturbating to old memories was a situation Izzy decided he'd rather not be caught in. But he was greeted with nothing but the sound of rain pattering against the windows. Letting his eyes slide shut, Izzy slipped a hand beneath the gown, fingers slowly ghosting over his cock. The flesh twitched beneath his touch, slowly coming to life. Quietly, Izzy chuckled to himself, tongue flicking out to wet his lips.

"Nothin' but a smile," purred a voice Izzy distinctly recognised.

Opening his eyes, Izzy carried on grinning, fingers still wrapped around his rapidly hardening cock.

"Duff," came his sultry reply, free fingers picking at the silk robe. "I assume this is from you?"

He gazed up at the blonde, watching the hazel eyes that watched him narrow and darken. Duff nodded and stepped closer to the bed, shoes kicked off behind him. Pouting, Izzy let his legs fall open, giving the bassist a glimpse of his slowly working fingers. The bed depressed and Duff was kneeling at his feet, intently watching. Teasingly, Izzy plucked at the drawstring that held the thin gown closed. His eyes watched Duff's every movement, tracked the tiny, heavy breaths that left the blonde's mouth. Like the Cheshire Cat, a grin lit up Izzy's face, eyes dark and hooded, teasing and seductive.

"Come /on/," Duff hissed, voice hitched in his throat.

Izzy gave one, slow shake of his head. Duff had come to fuck with him so he was going to fuck with Duff's.

"It's been a long few years," Izzy quietly commented, eyes sliding shut as he tightened his fingers around his cock. "A long few years..."

Cracking an eye open, Izzy smirked. Bleached hair fell into Duff's eyes as he nodded, eyes sweeping along Izzy's silk clad body that was stretched lithely on the bed. Far from feeling like a cheap whore, Izzy felt empowered, knowing that he had always had Duff wrapped around his little finger. Knotting the smooth belt around his fingers, Izzy licked his lips and tugged again, giving Duff another tiny teaser of what lay beneath it.

"You went and had kids and earned yourself a degree," Izzy huskily continued. Duff's reactions, no matter how tiny, were sending hot thrills through his body. "And I settled in this place."

"Yeah." Duff's tongue flicked out, tracing his lips as his eyes remained focused on the folds of material that still discreetly hid Izzy's groin.

Indeed, as Izzy had said, it had been many moons since they'd had an encounter of this kind. Tendrils of memories still flickered through Izzy's mind: Hot, steamy nights in cheap motels and quick fucks in the corridors of hotels, the thrill of being caught and their young, raging hormones meaning it lasted only a matter of moments. Rough kisses and tender touches still danced over his skin as he thought back to those lost moments, Duff's supple, young body replacing that of his girlfriend.

With a final stroke and shudder, Izzy let his hand slip from beneath the robe. Locking his eyes onto Duff's glazed ones, Izzy teasingly flicked his tongue around his fingers.

Chuckling, he let his head fall back and uttered the words he knew that Duff had been waiting to hear: "Get to work."

The robe was torn from his body and Izzy's smile widened as pout lips were wrapped around his painful erection. Duff's tongue was just as he remembered it; velvety soft and expertly retracing old ground. Shuddering, Izzy sighed, hips briefly leaving the bed as fingers crept across his stomach, stroking and sending his insides into spasms of forgotten pleasure. Emotions, old and new, flooded him; love, fear, need, lust and the odd emptiness of rejection he knew was going to come. Sighing quietly, he opened his eyes and watched the mop of blonde hair at his groin. The smirk grew again and he reached out to pet Duff, the horrible feelings of a moment earlier draining away. For now, there was nothing but himself and Duff.

Hazel eyes, twinkling with lust, looked up at him and the bassist returned Izzy's smirk before swallowing the brunette's engorged cock in one. Izzy's howl of pleasure filled the room, every nerve tingling with the raw warmth of pleasure. His strong fingers tightened in the bleached hair, alternating between tugging and forcing Duff lower. Tiny grunts from Duff, muffled by the appendage in his mouth, floated up to Izzy's ears and another, husky chuckle left his own.

A second later and he was silenced, body moulding into the bed as the taller man worked his magic. A magic that Izzy was certain came from no source on Earth. Again and again, over the years, Duff had whisked him away into the clouds before dropping him, letting him spiral back to terra firma as he rode out orgasm after powerful orgasm. And it seemed that Duff wanted to revisit those times, something Izzy was willing to let him do.

His face was aching from the permanent smile that was etched across his lips, his legs flopping open. Duff took the hint, fingers sliding along his thighs and to his tightening balls, squeezing as his mouth massaged Izzy's pulsating cock. The red warmth of pleasure flowed through the guitarist's body, fingers, lips and tongue all becoming one. Whimpers and moans left his lips, body trembling as his brain begged him to give in.

Panting, he opened his eyes, peering at Duff from beneath his lashes. The blonde pulled back, lips clamped around the head of his dick and flashed Izzy the smile that went straight to his groin. The redness blinded him, his back arching from the bed as he spent himself into the blonde's mouth. Guttural groans filled the room as he tore at Duff's hair, his come pumping down the other's throat. Everything disappeared and, for a brief moment, Izzy found himself floating, suspended somewhere between heaven and sanity. Duff could do that to him, had the power to send him crazy, even if it were for only a moment.

Regretfully, Izzy floated back to the bed and opened his eyes. Duff knelt at his feet, eagerly licking his lips, eyes sparkling. Panting quietly, Izzy licked his dry lips and returned the smile before uttering, "Fuck."

Duff licked his fingers and glanced out of the window. "You wanna go all night? Like we used to?"

Shrugging, Izzy pouted, shuffling up and pulling the gown back around him. It felt delicious against his still tingling skin. He felt about twenty again, long forgotten hormones reawakening, screaming at him to do what he did best and fuck the brains out of anyone who moved. His eyes flicked to the window, watching the darkening sky for a moment.

"I don't think she'll be back for a while," he said, getting to his hands and knees. "Do your worst."

With the silken gown dangling around his lean body, he crawled towards Duff, eyes returning to their dark, lust-filled state. His mind became hazy and heavy with need, blocking out everything else. Blocking out the sound of the rain. Blocking out the thunder. Blocking out the sound of car tyres against gravel.