Review for Dudley's Wedding

Dudley's Wedding

(#) brad 2008-12-20

Nice piece, giving us some indirect satisfaction at how Harry's life turned out. A pity that you killed Ron but, as always, I liked the idea that Harry and Luna's friendship with Hermione would hold fast and strong and that they would support her. Something else I dearly liked in your 'Dumbledore's Army'.

I totally don't understand this bit:

"Of course, if you mean physically, I can't imagine how she could be."

"No," Dudley admitted, "I couldn't see you allowing that." Dudly looked confused for a moment, and then realised what he just admitted.

Okay, can anyone help out the dummy - what did Dudley just admit?

The idea of the two witches not immediately genuflecting at Harry's feet was a good touch of realism, firmly rooting Harry's good fortune and standing as something 'real' and not too good to be true.

Nice to have had these instalments of yours to read, Dr. T! Is it time yet to beg for a sequel to 'Amsterdam', where Harry and the others (slowly) reconcile? :-) Thanks for these!

Author's response

Dudley is realizing to a degree how abused Harry was, and that Harry was a much better person that Dudley could have imagined