Review for "Breath"


(#) Emo_musik_chick 2008-12-24

I cried when I read this. The reason being, I'm not sure you realize how much your writing touches the people of this site. Even when it's just a simple, gooey little Frerard story, if it's written by you, it's deep and it's wonderful. You must have the most beautiful soul of everybody in the world to be able to write stuff like this. You're an inspiration, the way your stories flip on a dime [one minute they make you cry, the next they make you "aww" from the sweetness]. This story was heartbreaking, but it was lovely.
And I know how you feel, I lost my dog, too. And I was often told to get over it, because she was just a dog, but she really was my best friend. I've got a new dog now, and, as much as I love her, she'll never fill the space in my heart Shadow [my dog] one filled, you know? Sorry for the silly connection, but I just wanted to let you know that I honestly found the emotion in this story was deepened after I learned what your inspiration was.
You're fantastic. Have a happy, happy, happy Christmas.