Review for I'm what you desire to see

I'm what you desire to see

(#) canustakemyheart 2008-12-28

I liked this one (not like I don't like your other ones too, 'cause I do - but you're right, there's a lot of "imagination" in this one). I think it would be cool if people really did have guardian angles. My grandmother died when I was only 11, and although I did not get to spend a lot of time with her, I felt a special connection with her. Throughout really shit times in my life, I kind of imagined that she was looking over me - making sure I stuck around stuff like that.

Author's response

Thank you for reviewing my story I was desperate to know someone's opinion on it it made me feel alot more confident about my writing skills on the whole
p.s. If you get the chance could you please review the second chapter:)
ox Leah