Review for The Voters Are Speaking

The Voters Are Speaking

(#) PerfesserN 2008-12-29

I have just discovered this story and have been reading it non-stop from the beginning.
What a brilliant concept, and as the unofficial champion of the lesser used character, I applaud your inclusiveness.
This story shows an excellent understanding of the electoral process and applying it to the office of "girlfriend" is so beautifully ironic - having run for a local office and lost, I know what a beauty contest any election can be. You even have the "Good Old Boy," no, make that the "Good Old Girl" network running in the background.
Now I must read the last chapter so that I can see if my prediction(s) come true.

Author's response

Thank you. I hope the ending, and the sequel when I write it, continue to satisfy you.

By the way, thanks for the shout out in 'If Wishes Were Hippogriffs.' It's not the direction I'd have taken Narcissa and Bellatrix in, but then again, I haven't actually written that story yet (I have a half-done Chapter 2 on my computer), and I think you're doing a fine job.