Review for Muggles at Bay/The Protection of the Stag

Muggles at Bay/The Protection of the Stag

(#) Pointer 2006-08-21

Enjoying the heck out of the story, so far. Im generally not one of the people who make out detailed reviews, but in this case, a point of order.

The comment, "You see a horrific being, knowing that it is a mass murderer, who wants you, your family, your friends, your world, and at the moment your boyfriend all dead, and all you can feel is disgusted? That says a lot about your courage."

Hermione is presented as being the most intelligent witch of her generation, perhaps in decades. Yet, instead of Ravenclaw, she's sorted into Gryffindor. The girl must be even braver that she is brainy.

That's almost scary. Under the right circumstances she should be a lioness.

Just thought I'd comment.

Keep up the good work.


Author's response

I agree, but I think the people around her would just see the brains until she does something to remind them of her courage as well