Review for Being Clark

Being Clark

(#) fruit_addict 2006-08-21

It's good sept as Superman said in Superman II there are some ups to being Clark. Such as meeting Lois. But otherwise good input.

Author's response

I didn't count Superman II as canon for this story since the writers and directors of Superman Returns only used it as a loose outline.

The point I was trying to get across in this story was that meeting Lois is what is making Clark so miserable. He cannot currently have her due to circumstances created by his own alien-ness. As such the things that make him different have become points of sadness or concern for him.

I’m not sure if you have ever felt depression or regret, but for many people things that at one time made them happy later become a point of sadness when things don’t work out the way they expect or wish them to.

Again this is artistic license and mostly me trying to grasp how I think Clark would or feel when faced with this situation.

Because so little cannon was established during the Superman Returns movie I called upon my knowledge of Clark from other more readily available and classic sources such as DC comics and occasionally Smallville.

Thank you for commenting.