Review for Harry Potter and the Sun Source

Harry Potter and the Sun Source

(#) Cateagle 2009-01-12

Nice chapter and I have to wonder who's going to be more disconcerted by Harry's approach and behavior, Dumbles or Tommy? From the description in this chapter, I have to wonder if Tommy is posessing Fleur's body and if her spirit is still giving him trouble? Certainly this would help explain why he wants to posess Harry's body. I chuckled over Bella's predicament and I suspect she'll not have long to live. Meanwhile, two contracts for the same job was a nice touch, it shows he's learning his negotiating strategies and not leaping right into things. It should be rather interesting to see how things develop as well as to see which of the Hufflepuff girls want to sample Harry next. Oh, the bit about Neville's gran wanting to start negotiations with Hermione's parents was a nice touch, I noticed that both he and Hermione were against it; I do hope he followed Hermione's advice and promptly told Hannah so her folks could make a move.

Author's response

- I suspect that neither is going to be especially happy....

- Yes and yes. Tommy is an unhappy camper just now, especially since he has to contend with knowing that all his Death Eaters want to hump him.

- I'm going to use the canon exchange rate to have Hermione's bride price be an obscene amount of money, just because it's funny...