Review for Steven and the Storm

Steven and the Storm

(#) Niniel 2009-01-15

Oh my God, that was so sweet... Aww... I like Steven. No matter what they say, he's the coolest drummer in the world. :D
Nature's drummer... laugh Yeah, you could say that. That's good.
And I think it was very cute how Axl cuddled up to Steven. I mean... he's three years older and you could think Steven should be the one who cuddles up to Axl. Anyway, I like it this way. No, I prefer it this way. Very sweet story! (Again, sorry for my mistakes... Should have paid more attention in English classes... haha)
See you!

Author's response

Don't worry about the mistakes - I can understand you perfectly well. :)

And thank you, I'm glad you liked it. :) I love the sound of the rain and it seemed like such a random idea to write about, so I did. :) It just seemed perfect to have Steven sitting there, watching it, almost as if that's how he turns his mind off from being so energetic. :)