Review for Unspeakable


(#) CaroBECKETT 2009-01-16

Ill help. Me id send Gee a basket. Well for all MCR butmostly Gee. It would have a bunch of jello, cause you can eat jello because you don't need to chew it, and swallowing it is easy, and Jellos awesome. So lots of Jello. A lot of pencils, ebony sketching pencils, and a sketch pad. Id send the guys from MCR candy and stuff, and starkbucks coffee beans ! And id write them a letter going:

Dearest MCR,

How's Gerard? You guys better keep us well updated, and all because we are unbelievably worried. Franky, and Ray please tak care of Mikey, Gee, and Bob for us.
Really I hope everything will eventually be well, and our prayers are with you boys.
We love you all so very much,
Please take care.
You mean the world to us.
P.s. If she weren't already dead, id go shoot her -.-

Does that work?